Tele2 users angry after news fusion

Tele2 users voiced their dissatisfaction at Tweakers, among others, about the announced merger with T-Mobile. "This is just outrageous. They have entered the market with cheap 4G licenses for newcomers. This to promote competition, something Tele2 was doing well. And then they are immediately swallowed up by one of the big three. "

The 4G licenses were provided to Tele2 at the time, provided that a new player would enter the Dutch market. Tele2 was not allowed to sell its 4G frequencies for five years, but the restrictions will no longer apply next year. Some users therefore believe that Tele2 must return the licenses. 'The government has given an advantage to the new party during the frequency auctions. Two parties won the frequency: Ziggo and Tele2. Now both take over is ABSURD! '

Tele2 was in the eyes of some the price fighter, so T-mobile had to lower its prices, for example for the unlimited data plan. 'It is becoming more expensive, not cheaper. If you are in a market with too few providers, the price is simply maximum. Why would one of the two reduce the price? ', A user suggests.

Another: 'I foresee that one of the big three will raise its price slightly later, after which the other two will follow with that increase. And then the fence of the dam. Ever since the merger between Vodafone and Ziggo, the new business model seems to be making money everywhere. Prices are going to grow together, as well as the content of packages, so I expect that there will be hardly any distinctive character. '

2012: we stimulate newcomers so Tele2 can have a license of € 160m for 4 years for 17 years.
2017: T-mobile buys Tele2. Road newcomer. ACM comes in only.

List of largest business players.
-T-mobile / Tele2
-Voys (2% market share).

- Mark Vletter (@MarkV) December 15, 2017

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