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Legal-tech start-up Ligo raises an investment of 500,000 euros in one month

Amsterdam, August 28 - The legal-tech startup Ligo will accelerate growth. The acceleration is possible thanks to an investment of 500, 000 euros that was collected in one month from a private investor. Thousands of companies in the Netherlands are now using the legal platform.

Wendy Bogers, founder of Ligo, indicates that the company is doing well and the annual turnover is growing by more than 300%. "In the coming twelve months, we will mainly invest in accelerating growth, further strengthening and expanding the team and making our legal services more intelligent using machine learning. We are very enthusiastic about the value this will have for the customers of Ligo ", says Bogers.

In 2015, Ligo started a platform where starting entrepreneurs can set up their business and immediately make the necessary tailor-made contracts. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs also arrange all legal matters relating to their customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees. Thousands of companies use the legal platform on a monthly basis for a fraction of the time and costs compared to the traditional system.

The mission of Ligo is to enable easy access to high quality legal services for entrepreneurs, so that they can protect their business. This investment will definitely help with this.

About Ligo

Ligo is a fast-growing legal-tech scale-up that makes it easy, fast and affordable for entrepreneurs to arrange legal affairs in an innovative way. With smart technology, Ligo ensures that every entrepreneur has access to affordable legal services on a daily basis for a fixed price per month.

Founder Wendy Bogers was recently placed at number 39 in the Forbes list of 100 Female Founders In Europe To Follow.

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