De Nieuwe Zaak becomes a store operator

De Nieuwe Zaak, a company that specializes in advice and marketing for e-commerce, will soon also become a store operator.

"We are also consciously becoming a retailer, so that we do not just give advice on the sidelines, but really get our feet in the mud", says director Jurrien Kerstholt of De Nieuwe Zaak from Zwolle.

"More and more retailers have a product feed, for example to make their goods known to price comparisons". Such a feed also serves as input for the stores that De Nieuwe Zaak Retail will operate under its own brand. "We do the marketing, sales, customer service and deal with the payments. Our customers therefore receive a ready-made, paid order that is ready to be delivered ".

Kerstholt does not think he will compete with his customers. "The items are bought from them and they benefit from the knowledge we gain. In addition, it is also possible that we will jointly set up a separate company with a retailer ".

The entrepreneur thinks that around the summer of 2010 he operates three own stores, aimed at the consumer market. The first experiences he did with business partner Peter van Noord with a Christmas gift shop, which case was described by Twinkle Magazine here. "The experiences there taught us that our activities can not be channeled towards those of our customers".

Photo: sashafatcat (cc)

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