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Tranzer: Travel, plan and pay in one app for trains, trams and buses without a public transport chip card

Amersfoort, 6 December 2017 - Starting today, it is possible to travel by train, tram and bus via any smartphone without an OV chip card. With the Tranzer app you can plan and purchase your entire trip in one go, even if you use different carriers. For people who do not travel with public transport often, the range of travel options is unclear. Tranzer responds to this by giving the best travel options in one app and offering the possibility to pay the entire trip immediately. Meanwhile large carriers such as NS, RET, Connexxion and EBS are already connected and taxis can also be booked and paid in the app. As of January 2018, the services of GVB are also ready for use. Tranzer is available in the Netherlands and expands in the short term within Europe. This will soon become reality through collaborations with LeasePlan, Transdev and KLM.

"We believe in a future where you can travel with all forms of public transport via one app", says Paul Rooijmans, one of the founders of Tranzer, about the initiative. "We offer a solution that is scalable, simple, fast and fair worldwide. The traveler can travel directly without having to download various apps. Tranzer offers freedom and convenience on your smartphone: plan, choose, pay and fully travel ready within 18 seconds. The price is equal to what the carrier requires, Tranzer only requires a small service fee per trip. "

The connected carriers also indicate that they are happy with this initiative. Hans Peters, Commercial Director of NS, explains: "We like to work with innovative parties that ensure that traveling by train is even easier and more accessible. The solution from Tranzer gives a good interpretation here! "

Maurice Unck, of RET, is also very enthusiastic about the concept: "The RET is happy to join innovations that make the use of public transport even easier. With this app we offer our travelers the extra possibility to buy a ticket for their tram or bus ride via their phone. In the course of 2018 we will adapt our metropoortjes so that our metro passengers can use this service. "

How does it work?
Tranzer can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store. After creating an account, travelers can immediately indicate where they want to go, with how many people and at what time. The app always shows the fastest and cheapest travel options and, if available, also the possibilities via taxi. Even when different means of transport are used, the entire journey can be planned and paid in one go. Payment is made via iDeal or credit card. The mobile tickets are accepted both in the train, bus, tram and taxi, as well as at the entrance gates at the stations. This video gives an impression of how quickly and simply the app works.

Tranzer is available to everyone, but especially interesting for occasional travelers and tourists without an OV chip card. Tranzer currently has full coverage on the railway in the Netherlands. Tranzer can also travel in bus and tram from RET, EBS and Connexxion. More carriers and more options are connected at any time. For example, Tranzer is working on adding travel options such as first class, bicycles and shared cars.

About TranzerTranzer is the mobile app with which you can plan and pay for a complete journey by train, tram and bus in one go, without a public transport chip card. Through cooperation with NS, Connexxion, RET, GVB and EBS, it is possible to travel with all forms of public transport via one app. In this way, Tranzer makes travel for the occasional traveler and tourist transparent and easy. Tranzer is available in the Netherlands and expands in the short term within Europe. The head office is located in Amersfoort. More information about Tranzer can be found at:

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