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RijksBredius Notarissen introduces

Bussum, 20160202 - Active on social media after your death? More than seven million Dutch people are active on social media. But what happens to online life when a Twitterer and Facebooker dies? If the login details are unknown, it is a lot of work or even almost impossible for relatives to remove or arrange an account of the deceased as a memorial page.

Your other online life

But there is more between heaven and earth online. Think of photos, documents or music in the cloud, e-mail accounts, digital subscriptions, a Paypal credit, your own website, bitcoins, online bank accounts and much more. And what about the password of the computer, phone or tablet?

The online executor

RijksBredius Notarissen offers consumers the opportunity to appoint an online executor via its new website . You designate someone who you trust and who is tasked with following your death with regard to your entire online estate, such as the removal of accounts or temporary management. More than a social media executor.

Digital safe

The online executor will have access to a digital safe after the death, in which you have kept all data during life. This way the online executor knows where you were online and he can ensure that these accounts are deleted or edited.

In connection with the first anniversary of RijksBredius Notarissen, consumers can appoint an online executor up to 1 April for only 99 euros (including free digital safe). For more information:

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