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Information manager lacks advisory power

Executives do not understand the role and function of their information managers, according to new research from Iron Mountain, worldwide market leader in information management. Information is the lifeblood of the company, but the information manager does not know how to transfer and operationalize the possibilities with that information. And in most cases it is unclear to him or herself what the information needs of the colleagues in the departments are . The information manager can show leadership with improved advisory skills and tighter services.

The optimal use of information is a priority for many companies - but the majority of companies do not succeed:

  • only 4% of the Dutch management boards surveyed are fully confident that their company will draw the maximum value from the available information
  • only 7% of Dutch managers say they fully understand what their information managers do
  • only 22% of Dutch information managers know what the management needs for information
  • in 82% of the cases, information managers themselves are unclear about the information needs of colleagues in departments such as marketing, production and finance

The lack of knowledge and understanding is also apparent from other research. For example, only 27 % of companies indicate that employees actually have access to the data they need and 42% indicate that access to these data is cumbersome.

Growing "A good advisor increases the knowledge level of his client. The information manager can, in our opinion, make a rapid leap forward by showing leadership with improved advisory skills and tighter services. He or she has to overcome the obstacles so that information is actually integrated into the business processes, "says Jeroen Strik of Iron Mountain. "Quite good, formulate a clear offer - perhaps in the form of a service catalog - and advise the management about the possibilities and the conditions for this."
"It is a matter of understanding the role and functioning of the department. We have already seen good results when this awareness gets its hands and feet. Our research also shows that 82% of Dutch information managers are confident that they can maximize the value of information. The need and confidence is there. Then a better insight and a leap forward can make a big difference. "

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