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New terms are involved in online marketing. Google and Amazon force us to think about conversational, voice branding and the invisible interface. eDay offers hours of inspiration and insights about voice.

Unlike you might expect, Search is far from the voice killer app. And even if a concern such as Carrefour and Google Assistant are a strategic link, it remains to be seen to what extent this new interface is actually suitable for shopping.

What is clear with voice is that all the old ones no longer work and new forms of interaction need to be developed. Because, how convenient is it, for example, to have two invisible speech interfaces in your car? Which assistant do you speak how? A problem that you get with your new BMW as a gift, without a solution. But also: how do you deal with the fact that Amazon is growing rapidly in the Netherlands, but that Alexa does not speak Dutch?

All practical and strategic issues for which there are no ready-made answers.

Emerce eDay brings together several experts from this emerging field to brush you up. For example, Amazon is sending its EU topper Max Amordeluso, the evangelist who knows Alexa and his European possibilities from oats to barley. Jeffrey Rohrs chooses a more overarching perspective and outlines where you can use speech assistants in which business processes. ' You must become The Everywhere Brand '. More generally: music service Deezer tells how algorithms and audio come together in a uniform music and listening experience.

In addition to guest speakers who share insights, there are also a number of companies, also sponsors, who will share their own practical experiences concerning voice and conversational on eDay. These are Xebia, Avenade, Label A and Merkle.

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Amazon: Voice shopping tripled - voice

Amazon: Voice shopping tripled

The speech assistant from Amazon, Alexa, has been used three times more often this year for Christmas messages than in 2017. That is one of the insights that Amazon shares about his experiences in this holiday month. Exactly how many purchases are made with Alexa and how much revenue that produces, keeps Jeff Bezos ahead
Google with acquisition deeper into speech technology - voice

Google with acquisition deeper into speech technology

Google has acquired Phonetic Arts, a small business that delivers technology that generates natural rather than computer-controlled speech. With the mobile services of Google Voice Search, Voice Input and Voice Actions, Google is already focusing on voice-controlled mobile telephony. Google Translate also offers the possibility to read written texts aloud and thus the same for Google Navigation, where the instructions can be spoken
Homepage wants to invest in voice control - voice

Homepage wants to invest in voice control

Home wants to invest more firmly in voice control. The Sanoma subsidiary has already developed an application for the Google Assistant, the smart help of Google, but wants to expand to other assistants, such as Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Bixby from Samsung and Cortana from Microsoft. Home page also wants to see if it is possible to combine the spoken questions and answers with images, where information appears on the screen
BMW stops voice control in cars - voice

BMW stops voice control in cars

New cars from BMW will be equipped with voice control from next year. The so-called BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can handle other speech systems, such as those of Amazon. At the end of last week Dieter May presented the novelty that will be rolled out in 2019 during TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018. Drivers can soon talk to the car to operate it