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CA Technologies appoints Niels Beckers as Country Manager Netherlands

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) appoints Niels Beckers as Country Manager in the Netherlands. Niels is responsible for all commercial activities in the Netherlands and the positioning of our strategy with which we help customers and partners bridge the gap between ideas and realization and enable them to offer the best possible software and services to their customers. Only then will they be able to cope with the challenges of the Application Economy. The home base of Niels Beckers is Utrecht and he reports to Anders Törnqvist, General Manager and VP Northern Europe, CA Technologies.

"I find it an honor to lead so many talented people at CA Technologies at a time when our business partners have to make every effort to keep their digital transformation on the right track. The market offers so many new opportunities and we believe that we are better than anybody else to help our customers with this process "says Niels. "Software really is the pivotal point that everything revolves around companies that are really successful in the current" application economy ". Thanks to our broad experience, we are the ideal partner to help companies make the best possible use of the technology required to meet the extreme demands of customers and end-users. "

Beckers will focus on improving relationships with existing customers, but also on attracting new customers. In addition, there will be a lot of attention for the eco-system of partners because they increase our strength in the market with their great commitment and long-term relationship with CA Technologies.

Niels started as Account Director in 2008 and has built up a strong relationship with some of the largest companies in the Netherlands in recent years. These customers have come to know him as a professional who first looks at the business before offering the best technological solution.

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Beckers is the right person to help CA Technologies customers with the challenges they face during their digital journey to meet the high expectations of partners and customers. Previously, Niels occupied sales and management positions at Lucent Technologies, later Alcatel-Lucent, where he made an important mark on the creation and sale of solutions, software and system integration services.

Anders Törnqvist, General Manager and VP Northern Europe, CA Technologies; "Niels has a lot of experience with the IT industry and has proven with fantastic sales results that he can make a great contribution to the success of the talented Dutch team. The Dutch market is currently seeing a huge growth in IT investments and I am convinced that Niels, with his vision and experience, is an asset to employees, customers and our partners.

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