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PROCENTEC chooses Computest for security new industrial IoT application

Zoetermeer, 18 October 2017 - PROCENTEC provides solutions to companies in industrial automation with which they can monitor and analyze their production processes. To test the security of Atlas, a new IoT application, PROCENTEC works together with Computest.

Downtime in production networks is very expensive. But at the same time networks are becoming more and more complex due to the integration between factory installations and IT systems. Atlas is used as part of the network and offers a dashboard that makes all devices in the network transparent. This way, not only the status of network components can be viewed, but customers also see which software version applications run and how they are interconnected.

Atlas is in use worldwide at various companies such as car manufacturers, steel plants and waste incinerators and immediately touches on the elementary business processes. "Obviously it is essential that third parties can not abuse our application and that Atlas is only used for what it was developed, " says Oscar Abbenhuis, Product Manager at PROCENTEC. "Making a product safe is not something you do with it, but real work for which we use specialists. To ensure a watertight application, we have enabled Computest to subject Atlas to various security tests. "

Points of improvement
"I noticed in the first interview that there was profound security expertise. The experts from Computest started to work and delivered extensive reports within two weeks. Here were some areas for improvement that we could use immediately. With that we have been able to make Atlas even safer. "Abbenhuis is also pleased with the collaboration with Computest:" You really have to deal with professionals with expertise and who work as a partner so that you communicate very smoothly and comfortably. "

As a company, PROCENTEC believes it is important that employees are aware of security risks. That is why the Computest, as a follow-up of the test activities and the pleasant cooperation, has asked Security Awareness to give training courses. "With these training courses, we have broadened our knowledge and are able to serve our customers even better. Furthermore, we continue to develop Atlas continuously and, for example, we also offer remote access in the future. It is nice that we can rely on Computest as a security partner. "


About Computest

Computest was founded in 2005 and is the only specialist in the Netherlands that offers the complete portfolio in the field of performance, security and automated functional testing. The company helps with an integrated approach to optimize organizations and institutions in the financial sector, the e-commerce and media industry and the government, the performance and security of their applications and digital networks. Computest has approximately 90 employees and is based in Zoetermeer. More information:

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