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T-Systems introduces smart IoT solutions

Vianen, 22 March 2017 - T-Systems has introduced three smart Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at CeBIT: a new parking service, a connected bar system and an IoT starter package for companies.

1. Smart parking service
Hamburg is one of the most visited German cities. The search for a free parking space is often quite a task. T-Systems introduces a solution to this problem in collaboration with the municipality: an app that shows drivers the nearest free parking space. Through the app drivers can reserve the spot and pay directly.

The solution works on the basis of sensors in the parking spaces. These detect whether the spot is free. The municipality will provide 11, 000 public and private parking spaces with these sensors.

The project is a milestone for T-Systems. It is the starting shot for a digital marketplace for parking spaces throughout Germany. The cloud platform is available to all players in the parking industry. Other cities must be able to use the system within a year.

2. Smart bar system for the catering industry
T-Systems, together with glass manufacturer RASTAL, has developed a smart bar system for the catering industry. A special sensor ring is placed in the base of existing catering glasses. This ring measures the content of the glass, the type of drink, and when and at which location the glass is filled.

When the customer places the glass on the corresponding smart bar, the bar reads the chip and sends the data to the Cloud of Things IoT cloud platform from T-Systems. This platform analyzes the data and visualises all sorts of useful information via dashboards. Think of a real-time insight into the number of drinks sold, but also the expected sales.

The solution provides an accurate insight into the sold beverage and makes extensive analysis possible afterwards. Thanks to real-time insight, business with multiple bars can tackle the distribution of bar staff in a smarter way and tailor it to the busy times at that moment.

The smart bar system also enables new interactions with the guests. T-Systems has developed a modular, white-labeled app for consumers with a Near Field Communication (NFC) -based smartphone. This app is fully customizable by catering companies for the desired purposes. For example, it is possible to set up loyalty programs via the smartphone or to make offers through that route when they are nearby.

3. IoT starter package for companies
T-Systems introduces a number of IoT starter packages that allow companies to experience the benefits of the Internet of Things and predictive maintenance in a low-threshold way. The package consists of a set of sensors that measure all kinds of variables that can affect machines and their parts. Think of temperature, position, humidity and vibrations. A mobile communication module sends the data via the NarrowBand IoT communication system to the Cloud of Things platform. Users can read the data via a web portal.

The starter packages are scalable, plug-and-play and require no specialist knowledge.
A Word version of this press release can be found here.

About T-Systems
T-Systems delivers integrated solutions to business customers worldwide. These solutions are based on the overarching supply of information and communication technology, mobile communication and a unique cloud infrastructure built around standardized platforms and global partnerships.

In addition, T-Systems supplies security from the highest level from their secure data centers, while strictly complying with strict German regulations regarding data protection. With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 46, 000 employees and revenues of around 7.1 billion euros (financial year 2015), T-Systems is the ideal partner for digital transformation. In addition to traditional ICT services, the portfolio exists
from T-Systems from customized infrastructure, platforms and software from the cloud, and innovation projects in future, business areas such as big data, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and Industry 4.0. For more information:

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